Kikusui PLZ150U DC Electronic Load 1.5-150V 0-30A

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Kikusui PLZ150UA DC Electronic Load

The PLZ150UA (1.5-150V 0-30A) Electronic Load is a compact, high-performance, multi-channel electronic load unit that has three operation modes: CC (constant current), CR (constant resistance), and CV (constant voltage). The PLZ-U consists of a frame and load units. Load units are inserted into the frame (control section) for operation. The PLZ-30F and PLZ-50F Frames can accommodate up to 3 channels and 5 channels of load units, respectively. The current capacity or power capacity can be increased through a parallel operation of load units. The load units can be combined to produce a power capacity from 75W to 750W (when five PLZ150Us are installed into the PLZ-50F). In addition to high-speed response and highly precise pre-set resolution, various functions are provided including the soft start function, variable slew rates, switching function, ABC pre-set memories, four set-up memories, and sequence function. GPIB and RS232C as fitted as standard.


  • Slew rate of 2.4 A/?s in the rising and falling edges in CC mode (PLZ150U)
  • Built-in three ranges; voltmeter, ammeter, and wattmeter functions that provide readings of up to five digits
  • The current slew rate can be changed continuously in constant current and constant resistance modes.
  • Supports 0-V input – an indispensable feature for testing single cell fuel cells.
  • Individual units (channels) can operate either independently or in synchronisation.
  • Up to five load units of the same model can be operated in parallel.
  • Up to three values can be stored in memory for each most frequently used operation mode and range.
  • Equipped with various types of protection circuits (over voltage protection, over current protection, over power protection, over heat protection, under voltage protection, and reverse connection protection).
  • Supports the GPIB and RS-232C interfaces as standard.
  • External control is available to turn on or off the output.


PLZ-U/UA Specifications
Model PLZ150U PLZ70UA
Operating Voltage (DC) 1.5 V to 150 V 0 V to 150 V
H 30 A/150 W 15 A/75 W
M 3 A/150 W 1.5 A/75 W
L 300 mA/45 W 150 mA/22.5 W
Isolation voltage of the load input terminal 500VDC 500VDC
Withstand voltage between load input terminal channels 500VDC 500VDC
Minimum start voltage 0.3 V or greater 0.3 V or greater
CC Mode
Operating Range
H 0 A to 30 A 0 A to 15 A
M 0 A to 3 A 0 A to 1.5 A
L 0 A to 300 mA 0 A to 150 mA
Selectable Range 0 % to 105 % of f.s 0 % to 105 % of f.s
H 2mA 1mA
M 0.2mA 0.1mA
L 0.02mA 0.01mA
Accuracy of setting (H, M and L) ±(0.2 % of set + 0.2 % of f.s) + Vin / 500 kΩ ±(0.2 % of set + 0.2 % of f.s) + Vin / 500 kΩ
Input voltage variation
H 2mA 2mA
M 1mA 1mA
L 0.1mA 0.1mA
Ripple rms: 3mA
p-p: 30mA
rms: 3mA
p-p: 30mA
CR Mode
Operating range
The value inside parentheses is
the conductance.
H OPEN to 50 mΩ (0 S to 20 S) OPEN to 100 mΩ (0 S to 10 S)
M OPEN to 500 mΩ (0 S to 2 S) OPEN to 1 Ω (0 S to 1 S)
L OPEN to 5 Ω (0 S to 200 mS) OPEN to 10 Ω (0 S to 100 mS)
Selectable Range 0 % to 105 % of f.s 0 % to 105 % of f.s
H 0.2 mS (0 S to 2 S)

2 mS (2 S to 20 S)

0.1 mS (0 S to 1 S)

1 mS (1 S to 10 S)

M 20 μS (0 S to 200 mS)
0.2 mS (200 mS to 2 S)
10 μS (0 S to 100 mS)
0.1 mS (100 mS to 1 S)
L 2 μS(0 S to 20 mS)
20 μS(20 mS to 200 mS)
1 μS(0 S to 10 mS)
10 μS(10 mS to 100 mS)
Accuracy of setting ±(0.5 % of set + 0.5 % of f.s ) + Vin/500 kΩ ±(0.5 % of set + 0.5 % of f.s ) + Vin/500 kΩ

Note* Specifications are liable to change. For the full list of Specifications, please see the products datasheet located under the ‘Documentation’ tab.


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