PLZ Series Easy Way to Expand Electronic Load Capacity in CV Mode

Posted on: June 23rd, 2021 by Doug Lovell

PLZ Series Easy Way to Expand Electronic Load Capacity in CV Mode

Our electronic load PLZ Series has a well-known feature that a master/slave parallel operation expands an output capacity in the same model, controlled slave units by a master unit (except for PLZ-4WL).
In this article, we are going to further explain how to increase the capacity by parallel connection with different models such as PLZ-5W Series (CV mode) and PLZ-4W Series.
How to Build Parallel System:
1. How to Operate PLZ-4W Series
Connect PLZ-4W to PLZ-5W in parallel and set PLZ-4W to CR or CC mode.
2. How to Connect
See Figure 1 for the example:

3. System Principle
Figure 2 shows the equivalent circuit of the above system. The red dotted line describes that the DUT and PLZ1205W are connected in parallel; PLZ1205W is in CV mode so that
PLZ1004W and the DUT should be in CC or CR operation to keep a stable operation. Note: In the example below, operating PLZ1004W in CP mode may cause an unstable operation.

4. Note
In the example above, it is necessary that PLZ1205W will not become a full load while controlling PLZ1004W; it depends on the DUT’s characteristics how to sink the current by PLZ1004W.

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