Kikusui Electronics Corporation was established in Japan in 1951 as an independent manufacturer specialising and pioneering in the field of power supply and measurement. For 65 years, Kikusui have been an industry leader in research and development in Japan. From the dual perspective of power supply technology and measurement technology, they have successively created testing and evaluation solutions to support Japanese manufacturing, which is renowned for its high quality. In recent years, there products have been exported to 40 countries around the world, gaining an equal reputation for high quality, performance, and reliability. Kikusui offer unrivalled value, as a result of which our products continue to be adopted by major companies in Japan and around the world.

AC Power Supplies

Manufacturer Series Output Voltage Power Frequency Current Control Price From
Kikusui PCR-MA 0-310Vac 500VA to 4kVA 40-500Hz 5A to 40A USB, LAN, GPIB*, Analogue* £2,210.95
Kikusui PCR-WEA/WEA2 0-320Vac 1/3PH 1kVA to 36kVA 1-5kHz 5A to 360A LAN, USB, RS232, GPIB*, USB*, Analogue* Please Call
Kikusui PCR-WEA2R (Regenerative) 0-320Vac 1/3PH 6kVA to 36kVA 1-5kHz 60A to 360A LAN, USB, RS232, GPIB*, USB*, Analogue* Please Call
Kikusui PCR-LE 1-300Vac 500VA to 9kVA 1-999.9Hz 5A to 90A RS232, GPIB*, USB*, Analogue* £5,336.10

Battery Impedance Meters

Model Max Measurement Voltage Voltage Measurement Accuracy Measurement Frequency Sampling Speed Interfaces Price From
BIM1030 300V ±(0.01 % of reading + 3 digit) 1kHz ± 0.2Hz 20mS (FAST) SIGNAL I/O, RS232C, USB Please Call
BIM1100 1000V ±(0.01 % of reading + 3 digit) 1kHz ± 0.2Hz 20mS (FAST) SIGNAL I/O, RS232C, USB Please Call

DC Power Supplies

Series Output Voltage Output Current Power Rack/Bench Control Price From
PMX 0-18V to 500V 0-0.1A to 0-5A 36W to 105W Rack / Bench LAN, USB, RS232 £498.75
PMX Multi 0V to 32V 2.5A to 5A 200W Rack / Bench LAN (LXI Compliant), USB, RS232C Standard Interface £1,585.50
PWR-01 0-40V to 0-650V 0-1.85A to 0-120A 400W to 1200W Rack / Bench Analogue, USB*, GPIB*, RS232* £733.00
PBZ 0 – +/- 10V to 0 – +/- 50V 0 – +/-5A to 0 – +/- 20A 400W Rack / Bench Analogue, USB, LAN, ISO Analogue* £6,376.00
PWX 0-30V to 0-650V 0-7A to 0-150A 750W to 1500W Rack / Bench RS232, ISO Analogue, LAN*, GPIB*, USB* £1,375.00

DC Electronic Loads

Series Models Input Voltage Input Current Power Operation Modes Duty Slew rate interface PRICE FROM
Kikusui PLZ-5W 4 1 – 150V 0 – 2160A 200W, 400W, 1200W, 10800W CC, CR, CV, CP, CC+CV, CR+CV, Short, Arb 100kHz 60A/uS RS232, USB, LAN, GPIB* £2,091.00
Kikusui PLZ-5WH2 5 10 – 1000V 0 – 400A 1kW, 2kW, 4kW, 12kW, 20kW CC, CR, CV, CP, ARB 10kHz 20A/uS RS232C, LAN, USB.
GPIB (Optional)
Please Call
Kikusui PLZ-4WL 2 0.3 – 30V 0 – 100A 165W, 330W CC, CR, CV, CP, CC+CV, CR+CV 50kHz 50A/uS RS232, USB, GPIB Please Call
Kikusui PLZ-U 4 Up to 5CH of 0 – 150V 0 – 100A 70W, 150W CC, CR, CV, CP, CC+CV, CR+CV 20kHz 2.4A/uS RS232, USB, GPIB Please Call

Electrical Safety Testers

Manufacturer Model/Series AC Flash DC Flash Insulation Resistance Earth Bond Other Price From
Kikusui TOS5200 0-5kV No No No No £1,005.00
Kikusui TOS5301 0-5kV 0-6kV No No No £1,638.00
Kikusui TOS5302 0-5kV No 25-1000V No No £2,070.00
Kikusui TOS6200A No No No 3-30A No £2,255.40
Kikusui TOS6210 No No No 6-60A No £3,183.60
Kikusui TOS7200 No No 25-1000V No No Please Call
Kikusui TOS9300 Series 0.050kV to 5.000kV 0.050kV to 7.200kV -25V to -1000V 3.0A to 42.0A AC/DC No Please Call

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