PMX-Multi Series Compact Multi-Output DC Power Supply

Voltage: 0-32V | Current: 0-3A | Power: 200W

  • The optional setting creates a programmable delay between the OUTPUT switch being activated and the actual output being released. The setting range for DELAY TIME is from 0.1- 99.9 seconds.
  • ON/OFF delay of each output.
  • High setting resolution (Voltage 1mV, Current 0.1mA)
  • CH1 and CH2 can be connected in series to increase the overall voltage output range. CH2 operates as master and CH1 as slave. The total output voltage will be the sum of CH1 & CH2.
  • Use a browser from a PC, Smartphone or Tablet to access the web server built into the PMX-Multi series for convenient control and monitoring.
  • LAN (LXI Compliant)/USB/RS232C Standard Interfaces.

The PMX-Multi series is a multi-channel DC power supply with isolated outputs on each channel. The PMX32-3DU (2ch), PMX32-3TR (3ch), and PMX32-2QU (4ch) are all capable of simultaneous output in all channels and come with an output tracking feature. Also, channels 1 & 2 of each model can be easily connected in either series or parallel to increase the output voltage/current at the press of a button. LAN (LXI Compliant), USB, and RS232C are included as standard digital interfaces for easy system integration. The PMX-Multi benefits from a low noise, series regulator design that makes this series the perfect choice for experiments involving transistors, IC circuits, and op amp circuits as well as R&D and production line applications.

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