Kikusui PCR-LE Series (Amp Type) AC Power Supplies / Frequency Converters

Voltage: 0-300V (AC), ±1.4V-±424V (DC) | Current: 5A to 40A | Power: 500VA to 4kVA

  • Capable of various power line abnormality simulations and sequenced programmed operation
  • Features a full range of measuring functions and supports AC, DC, and AC + DC Outputs
  • IEC DIP simulator (fast voltage dips 1uS to 5uS)
  • Single phase 1000 VA, expandable with optional drivers for single-phase three-wire, and three-phase operation
  • High-quality/high-stability output using high-speed linear amplifier
  • RS232C (equipped as a standard). Remote control available with GPIB, USB, and LAN as options.

PCR-LE Series can be used as a stand alone Power Supply or configured as a core device of a test system combined with E-Loads and Power Analysers for “Grid Connection Testing” in regard to dispersed power generation, such as Solar Power, Wind Power, Fuel Cell and Gas Engine referred to as “New Energy Field”.

With various options, the low frequency immunity test and various power environment tests are supported. The options for parallel operation and three-phase operation enable you to expand a single-phase system up to 27kVA, single phase three wires up to 54kVA and a three phase system up to 81kVA. The system can be applied to a large scale EMC site for testing of industrial high-capacity are conditioners.

Wide-Ranging specs DC Output also supported:

  • Output Voltage Rating (AC): 1 to 300V
  • Output Frequency Rating: 1 to 999.9Hz
  • Output Voltage Rating (DC): ±1.4 to ±424V

Selectable Response Mode

Allows select of a response mode for the internal amplifier system depending on the load condition and application.

  • High-speed response (FAST): *for requesting a rate of power rise/fall
  • Normal Response (MEDIUM): for testing various power supply environments
  • Highly Stable Response (SLOW): for power supply for EMC testing sites

*Excluding PCR6000LE and PCR9000LE.

Power Line Abnormality Simulation in AC mode, it is possible to simulate power line abnormalities by setting the output of the PCR-LE Series system to the state of a power outage, voltage drop (dip), or voltage increase (pop). This allows the ability to test switching power supplies and electronic equipment.

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