Using Electronic Load to Battery Charger Testing

Posted on: June 22nd, 2021 by James

Using Electronic Load to Battery Charger Testing
A battery charger is a device that can recharge a secondary cell or rechargeable battery. Every battery charger being used requires the testing and such testing system must include something to simulate a battery.
An electronic load can provide the best solution for the battery charger testing to simulate the actual behaviour of a battery. It is very useful to test the charger operation over the entire battery voltage range.
Test Method
Figure 1 shows the schematic diagram of the testing setup to sink the current from the battery charger to the electronic load;
● Connect an electronic load and a DC power supply in parallel.
● Operate the electronic load in constant voltage (CV) mode to keep the CV at the electronic load terminals.
● Operate the DC power supply in constant current (CC) mode to flow the CC*1 into the
electronic load.
*1: The CC is set to 100 mA.
Figure 2 shows the equivalent circuit of this testing system.
Some battery chargers determine the state of the battery first, but there is no problem in this testing system that the charger can detect the voltage at the electronic load terminals.

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