Kikusui PLZ334WL High Speed DC Electronic Load 0.3-30V 0-100A (Discontinued)

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Kikusui PLZ334WL DC Electronic Load (Discontinued see PLZ5W Series)



The Kikusui PLZ-334WL (0.3-30V 0-100A) features high speed rise and fall time (slew rate of 50A/µs.) in the range of low voltage with large current.
The PLZ-4WL offers six operation modes, and equips with various features such as sequence operation, switching operation, soft-start function, and time and voltage measurement.
The PLZ-4WL applies not only for the conventional load test of the CPU power supply, but also it can be applied to even faster current response test. In addition, the PLZ-4WL is a space-saving design (about 50% less volume of the conventional model) that can save the facility space of the testing site, and it can be applied for the single cell testing of the large scale rechargeable battery.


  • Test for the Low Voltage Power Supply of the CPU
  • Discharge test for the large current rechargeable battery
  • IV characteristic test of the solar battery
  • Impedance test for the various type of rechargeable batteries, power supplies
  • Test for the relays, switches
  • Absorbing the surge of brushless motor
  • Test for the prearcing time-current characteristic


PLZ334WL Specifications
Model PLZ334WL
Operating Voltage (DC) 0.3V to 30V
Current 100A
Power 165W
Minimum Start Voltage 50mV (typ)
Constant Current (CC) Mode
Operating Range
H 0A to 100A
M 0A to 10A
L 0A to 1A
Setting Range
H 0A to 105A
M 0A to 10.5A
L 0A to 1.05A
H 5mA
M 0.5mA
L 0.05mA
Accuracy of setting ±(0.2 % of set + 0.1 % of f.s.*2) + Vin/150 kΩ *3
Input Voltage Variation ±(0.1 % of set + 0.02 % of f.s.*2)
Ripple RMS: 8mA
P-P: 80mA
Constant Resistance (CR) Mode
Operating Range
H 330 S to 6 mS
(3.03 mΩ to 166.7 Ω)
M 33.3 S to 600 μS (30.3 mΩ to 1.667 kΩ)
L 3.3 S to 60 μS (303 mΩ to 16.67 kΩ)
Setting Range
H 346.5 S to 0 S
(2.886 mΩ to OPEN)
M 34.65 S to 0 S
(28.86 mΩ to OPEN)
L 3.465 S to 0 S (288.6 mΩ to OPEN)
H 6 mS
M 600 μS
L 60 μS
Accuracy of setting ±(0.5 % of set *8 + 0.5 % of f.s.*2) + Vin/150kΩ

Note* Specifications are liable to change. For the full list of Specifications, please see the products datasheet located under the ‘Documentation’ tab.


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