Voltage Output Models

Model Range AC Current DC Current Bandwidth OVERALL ACCURACY DC-10HZ @ 25°C Output Ratio Output Connections PRICE
DS50UB-1V 100A 50Arms 75A >500kHz 121ppm 1V / 50A BNC £680.00
DS50UB-10V 55A 36Arms 50A >500kHz 149ppm 10V / 50A BNC £777.00
DS200UB-1V 330A 200Arms 300A >500kHz 60ppm 1V / 200A BNC £709.00
DS200UB-10V 220A 140Arms 200A >500kHz 54ppm 10V / 200A BNC £735.00
DS300UB-10V 330A 210Arms 300A >500kHz 45ppm 10V / 300A BNC £827.00
DS400UB-10V 440A 280Arms 400A >500kHz ??? 10V / 400A BNC £874.00
DS600UB-1V 950A 600Arms 900A >300kHz 42ppm 1V / 600A BNC £911.00
DS600UB-10V 660A 424Arms 600A >300kHz 43ppm 10V / 600A BNC £920.00
DS1000UB-10V 1100A 700Arms 1000A >300kHz 54ppm 10V / 1000A BNC £1,012.00
DL2000UB-1V 3000A 2000Arms 3000A >300kHz 50ppm 1/2000V/A BNC £3,544.00
DL2000UB-10V 2200A 1414Arms 2000A >300kHz 50ppm 1/200V/A BNC £3,325.00
DM1200UB-10V 1320A 850Arms 1200A >300kHz 35ppm 10V / 1200A DSUB9 male & BNC £1,495.00
DR5000UX-10V/7500A 8000A 5000Arms 7500A >100kHz 20ppm 1V / 750A Mini XLR £7,795.00
DR10000UX-10V 11000A 7000Arms 10000A >100kHz 20ppm 1V / 1kA Mini XLR £13,769.00
RCMH070IB+ £471.00

Current Output Models

Model Range AC Current DC Current Bandwidth OVERALL ACCURACY DC-10HZ @ 25°C Primary / Secondary Ratio Output Connections PRICE
DC200IF 300A 200Arms 300A >500kHz 11ppm 1 : 1000 6.3mm x 0.8mm Faston £194.00
DS50ID 150A 50Arms 75A >1MHz 88ppm 1 : 500 DSUB9 £457.00
DS200ID 370A 200Arms 300A >1MHz 22ppm 1 : 500 DSUB9 £457.00
DS200ID-CD100 370A 200Arms 300A 1MHz 22ppm 1 : 500 DSUB9 £583.00
DS200ID-CD1000 370A 200Arms 300A 1MHz 22ppm 1 : 500 DSUB9 £632.00
DS300ID 500A 300Arms 450A >1MHz 15.5ppm 1 : 1000 DSUB9 £550.00
DS400ID 600A 400Arms 600A 300kHz 18.17ppm 1 : 2000 DSUB9 £582.00
DQ500ID 800A 500Arms 750A >300kHz 11ppm 1 : 1750 DSUB9 £709.00
DS600ID / DQ600ID 1000A 600Arms 900A >500kHz 9.33ppm 1 : 1500 DSUB9 £643.00
DS600ID-CD100 1000A 600Arms 900A 500kHz 11ppm 1 : 1500 DSUB9 £777.00
DQ600ID-P1300 1300A 600Arms 900A 300kHz 11ppm 1 : 1500 DSUB9 £875.00
DQ640ID-B 640A 28 to 452Arms 40A to 640A >300kHz 13ppm Progr 40A-640A DSUB9 £1,114.00
DL2000ID 3000A 2000Arms 3000A >300kHz 7ppm 1 : 1500 DSUB / BNC £2,954.00
DL2000ID-CB100 3000A 2000Arms 3000A 300kHz 7ppm 1 : 1500 DSUB9 £3,304.00
DL2000ID-CD100 3000A 2000Arms 3000A 300kHz 7ppm 1 : 1500 DSUB9 £3,304.00
DM1200ID 1800A 1200Arms 1500A 400kHz 11ppm 1 : 1500 DSUB9 £1,298.00
DM1200ID-CD3000 1800A 1200Arms 1500A 15kHz 15ppm 1 : 1500 DSUB9 £1,484.00
DR5000IM 8000A 5000Arms 8000A >100kHz 4ppm 1 : 2500 4mm Banana £6,277.00
DR10000IM 11000A 7000Arms 10000A >100kHz 6ppm 1 : 2500 4mm Banana £11,845.00

PCB Mount

Model Measurement Resistor Linearity Error Weight Height PRICE
DP50IP-B Up to 100Ω at full scale 10ppm 250g 32mm £209.00

At Danisense customers come first and an integral part of there make up is creating long-lasting customer partnerships and working with them to identify their needs and provide solutions that will support their success.

Andreas, Mikael and Henrik are the three founders bringing many years of experience from great companies such as Nokia, Medtronic, Velux, Danfysik and LEM to the company. After working with high precision current transducers for many years the three founders wanted to create a new design for the current sensing customers.

Danisense is creating solutions enabling their customers to quickly and easily measure AC and DC currents with an accuracy down to 1ppm.

Danisense is redefining the high end current sensor market by offering current sensors with superb quality, extremely flat frequency response and outstanding DC stability.

Danisense develops and manufactures all their transducers in Denmark. This is a customer focused strategy enabling Danisense to serve customers quickly and with fantastic quality.

• Automotive current sensors
• Extended temperature current sensor – 85 deg Celcius
• AC current sensor – DC current sensor
• Calibration winding option (100 turns)
• Output signal as current and voltage options

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