Danisense DS400UB-10V Zero Flux Current Transducer AC:283Arms, DC:400A

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Danisense DS400UB-10V Current Transducer

Danisense DS400UB-10V (AC:283Arms, DC:400A) is an ultra-stable, high precision (ppm class) fluxgate technology DS series Current Transducer for non-intrusive, isolated DC and AC current measurement up to 440A

  • MPS for particles accelerators
  • Gradient amplifiers for MRI devices
  • Stable power supplies
  • Precision Drives
  • Batteries testing and evaluation systems
  • Power measurement and power analysis
  • Precision current calibration purposes


  • Linearity error maximum 27 ppm
  • 10V BNC output connection
  • Fluxgate, closed loop compensated technology with fixed excitation frequency and second harmonic zero flux detection for best in class accuracy and stability
  • Industry standard DSUB 9 pin connection
  • Green diode for normal operation indication
  • Full aluminium body for superior EMI shielding and extended operating temperature range
  • Large aperture 27.6mm for cables and bus bars
Specifications Highlights Symbol Unit Min Typ Max
Nominal primary AC current IPN AC Arms 280
Nominal primary DC current IP N DC A 400
Nominal output voltage Vout V -10 10
Measuring range IPM A -440 440
Primary / secondary ratio V/kA 25,0000 25,0000
Linearity error (Best fit) ƐL ppm -15 14
Offset Voltage (including earth field) IOE ppm -15 14
Offset Voltage (including earth field) VOE u V -150 150
AC Maximum gain error 10Hz to 1kHz 0.01%
Bandwidth (3dB) f3dB kHz 500
Operating temperature range Ta °C -40 65
Power supply voltages Uc V ±14.25 ±15.75

Note* Specifications are liable to change. For the full list of Specifications, please see the products datasheet located under the ‘Documentation’ tab.


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