Danisense DQ640ID-B Zero Flux Current Transducer DC: 640A

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Danisense DQ640ID-B Current Transducer

Danisense DQ640ID-B (DC: 640A) is a current transducer targeting stable power supplies and other areas, where it is important to have the programming flexibility.

  • Stable power supplies
  • MRI gradient amplifiers
  • Reference transducer for calibration purposes


  • Closed loop compensated current transducer
  • Zero flux technology for extreme accuracy
  • Industry standard DSUB 9 pin connection
  • Green diode for normal operation indication
  • Aluminium body for shielding against EMI
  • Linearity error 3uA
  • Maximum offset is 10uA
  • Operating temperature range 0°C to 55°C
  • Turns ratio from 1:40 to 1:640
  • Maximum compensation current 1A
  • Maximum measurement resistor 1Ω
  • 100-turn test winding (100mA max)
  • Aperture size 28.1mm


Parameter Symbol Unit Min Typ Max Comment
Primary Current Ip A -640 640
Secondary Current Is mA -1000 1000
Measuring Resistance Ω 0 1
Supply Voltage V ±14.25 ±15.75
Linearity Error ƐLin uA -3 3
Offset Current IOffset uA -10 +10 Including earth field.
Measured on secondary
Turns Ratio Turns 1:40 progr 1:640 Step 20
Noise uA rms 0.01
Measured on secondary
Primary current Overload kA 4.5 Maximum pulse length
Positive supply current Ips mA 98 105 Add Is (if Is is positive)
Positive supply current Ins mA 89 96 Add Is (if Is is negative)
Re-injected noise onto primary
Un uV rms 5
Zero Flux Frequency kHz 31.25
Offset stability over time uA/Year 0.4 Measured on secondary
Offset change with external
magnetic field vertical
uA/mT 0.6 2.4 Magnetic field
perpendicular to busbar
Offset change with external
magnetic field horizontal
uA/mT 2.4 6
Offset change with power supply
voltage changes voltage
uA/V 0.012 0.12
Offset change with difference
between positive and negative
power supply voltage (absolute)
uA/V 0.036 0.12

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