Danisense RCMH070IB+ Residual Current Monitoring

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Danisense RCMH070IB+ Residual Current Monitoring

With the multiplication of power electronic devices used in industrial and commercial installations creating DC and high frequency residual current, the traditional type A residual current device could achieve its limits and doesn’t work properly. Thanks to its zero-flux technology expertise, Danisense developed a range of highly flexible Residual Current Monitor of Type B/B+ for measuring DC and AC residual currents up to 100kHz, with analogue 4-20mA and relay output. Functions like user selectable frequency range, integration time and rated residual operating current in combination with a full compliance with the new norm IEC62020-1, makes this product the right solution to protect your equipment locally or remotely.

  • Residual current monitoring in industry
  • Condition-based monitoring of insulation health
  • Replacement of / supplement to compulsory High voltage insulation testing
  • Scheduling of planned factory maintenance
  • DC power systems (UPS, PV, LED lighting…)
  • High frequency loads (SMPS, Motor drives…)
  • Mission critical (Data centers, Medical …)


  • 70mm primary cable / busbar apperture
  • DC and AC residual current measurement of Type B/B+ in the range 0-2Arms up to 100kHz
  • User selectable:
  • – Frequency range
  • – Integration time
  • – Rated residual operating current
  • Analogue 4-20mA and relay output
  • Fluxgate current measurement technology with
    fixed excitation frequency for enhanced accuracy
    and stability


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