Atten CP600 0-30V 0-30A 600W High Power DC Bench Power Supply

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Atten CP600 0-30V 0-30A 600W High Power DC Bench Power Supply

Thie Atten CP600 0-30V 0-30A 600W Power Limited High Power DC Bench Power Supply power supply is a high-precision, high-reliability, constant-voltage, constant-current, constant-power switching linear regulated power supply.

The product adopts innovative double voltage-regulated structure of switch regulated voltage + linear regulated voltage, and also features high efficiency and high power of switching power supply, and the low ripple and high reliability of the linear power supply.


  • The product is suitable for 100-240V AC universal AC input, universal use for the global power grid.
  • Pure digital MCU control, long-term use to ensure product accuracy, long service life, and low temperature drift.
  • High-precision setting and read-back display, built-in 16-bit D/A 20-bit A/D converter.
  • The product has high efficiency and built-in power factor correction circuit.
  • Pure hardware OVP, OCP, OHP, OPP protection, OVP/OCP protection values can be set separately.
  • Front switch regulated voltage + post linear regulated voltage, double regulated voltage structure, high efficiency, and low ripple.
  • With local or remote voltage acquisition, and automatic compensation function. Long-distance measurement can also ensure accuracy.
  • Provide 3 groups of quick parameter storage function to quickly call the settings.
  • Provide coarse adjustment and fine adjustment functions.Voltage setting accuracy is up to 1mV, current 1mA.
  • Intelligent temperature-controlled fan, automatically controlling the speed of heat dissipation.
  • Standard USB, RS232 communication interface, which can be connected and controlled with the PC.



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