A single PWR-01 can cover an extensive output range equivalent to what is provided by three to six conventional single range DC power supplies

Posted on: December 17th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

The PWR-01 Series Provides seamless, wide, and variable range of voltage and current.
For example, the output power of 1200W model, the PWR1201L is capable of operating from the range of 40V-30A to 10V-120A. A single PWR-01 enables to do the task of several conventional power supplies. The PWR-01 Series significantly reduces the user’s investment for various power supplies to arrange the projects with different power requirements, and eliminates the need and the space to gather and configure multiple power supplies.

A wide range of voltage and current settings can be suitable for various applications such as Lab, automotive electronic components, compact DC motor, FA equipment, microcomputer based system, DC/DC converter for industrial application, ATE, Avionics to supply stable power. The wide range feature also protects the DUTs from the inrush current damage.