Rental Kikusui PXB20K-500 Regenerative Bi-Directional 20kW DC Power Supply 0V – 500V 0A – +/- 120A

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Rent/Hire Kikusui PXB20K-500 Regenerative Bi-Directional 20kW DC Power Supply 0V – 500V 0A – +/- 120A

The PXB series of bidirectional high-capacity DC power supplies condenses a 20 kW large-capacity output into a 3U-size chassis. Not only handling high voltages of 1500V, but also capable of both power and regeneration in both directions in a single unit. We provide a new power supply test environment for electrical and electronic equipment that is becoming increasingly high-powered. In addition, a variety of analog, digital, and communication interfaces are provided for optimal operation at any stage of research, development, andmanufacturing! A new generation of bidirectional DC power supplies that support the progression of advanced technologies.

Output Power Range

Mains-powered power supply with a wide range of operating ranges and combinations of voltage and current settings. If the voltage of the connected DUT is lower than the voltage setting of the PXB series, current flows from the PXB series to the DUT. If the voltage of the connected DUT is higher than the voltage setting of the PXB series, current flows
from the DUT to the PXB series.


Achieves high-speed rise and fall times
Several tens of times faster than conventional switching power supplies. Enabling high-speed power fluctuation testing that cannot be handled by ordinary DC power supplies.


Highly stable operation with high resistance to capacitive loads

Designed for highly stable operation, without oscillation or overshoot even when a load with a large capacitive component is connected. Slew rate and response can be varied to match the characteristics of the connected load, suppressing oscillation and overshoot

Optimized for different purposes and applications, with selectable response speeds

Required response speed of power supply equipment varies depending on test conditions and load specifications. The PXB series can change the response speed of the power supply as desired to suit the application

Priority operation mode

Mode of operation can be set, as constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), or constant power (CP), when output is turned on. Overshoot can be prevented by setting CC mode priority when batteries, power supplies, etc. are connected.

Sequence function

Preset operations can be run continuously. Total of 30 programs, and up to 10,000 steps can be created for all programs. Programs stored in the unit’s memory, and data can be exported to a USB memory stick from the front panel.

SEAM mode

Equipped with SEAM mode allowing current to flow in both directions without changing voltage values. Suitable for charging and discharging storage batteries. Can suppress current overshoots and undershoots which may often occur during operation mode switching after charge/discharge.

Variable internal resistance function

Function can change the output voltage value in constant voltage operation, according to the output current value based on the set resistance value. Simple simulation of Internal resistance of rechargeable batteries and wire harnesses etc

I-V characteristic function

By registering multiple arbitrary points on the I-V characteristics, arbitrary I-V characteristics can be set for each CC and CV operation mode. Arbitrary points can be registered from 3 to 100, making it possible to simulate the I-V characteristics of rechargeable batteries and other devices.


  • High power density: 20 kW in 3U size
  • Bi-Directional power supply with standard 20kW source and sink
  • A single unit handles both power and regeneration
  • Rated output voltage 50V/ 500 V/ 1000 V/ 1500 V
  • Easy Master/Slave parallel operation up to 200kW
  • Continuous operation at rated power at ambient temperature of 50°C
  • Equipped with touch panel display
  • LAN, USB, RS232C, external analogue control (isolated type) standard
  • External control I/O is standard for both NPN and PNP type PLCs
  • Built-In sequencer and web interface.

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