Brymen BM869s Professional Multimeter

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Brymen BM869s Professional Multimeter

Brymen BM869s True RMS digital multimeter features a 500,000 Count high viability dual display with an impressive 5/sec update rate.
5-4/5digits, DCV At 1uV Best Resolution, DC & AC in Dual Display, 100kHz DC+AC TRMS, Cat IV 1kV Safety…

Test Leads Upgrade: Silicone test leads with gold-plated tips with screw-on banana plugs (BL21S2-T4SC).

Standard Accessories:

  • Test Probe Pair
  • BKP60 Banana Plug Type-K Thermocouple
  • Holster
  • User Manual


  • 5-4/5 Digits 500,000 Counts large easy to read LCD Display
  • Fast measurements, 5/Sec, Fully Auto-Ranging
  • Dual Digital Display
  • 41 Segment Analogue bar-graph updates 60/Sec
  • Optional Purchase USB cable & software for Windows
  • Intelligent Auto-power off (I-APO) resets on significant operation & readings
  • Data Hold
  • Relative zero mode
  • Audible & Visible BeepJack™ input warning against improper plug in
  • AC, AC+DC true RMS conversion
  • 100kHz AC, AC+DC voltage bandwidth
  • 0.02% high basic DCV accuracy
  • VFD-V & VFD-Hz measures fundamental V & Hz of most variable frequency drives
  • T1-T2 dual type-K temperature -50°C to 1000°C selectable °F readings
  • Record max/min readings, calculation average reading over time, auto-ranging
  • Crest (instantaneous peak hold) max/min readings, auto-ranging
  • Paper-white back-lit large easy to read LCD display
  • dBm readings, 20 selectable impedance values
  • DCV 0.0001mV to 1000V
  • ACV 0.01mV to 1000V
  • AC+DC 0.01mV to 1000V
  • DCA 0.01µA to 10A, 20A for 30 seconds per 5 minutes cooling
  • ACA 0.01µA to 10A, 20 A for 30 seconds per 5 minutes cooling
  • AC+DC 0.01µA to 10A, 20A for 30 seconds per 5 minutes cooling
  • Ohms 0.01Ω to 50MΩ
  • Conductance 0.01nS to 99.9nS
  • X speed capacitance 50.00nF to 25mF
  • Line level frequency 10Hz to 200kHz
  • Logic level frequency 5Hz to 1MHz
  • Logic level duty cycle readings 0.1% to 99.99%
  • Diode Tester
  • Rugged fire retarded casing with battery access door
  • Replaceable protective holster with probe-holders & tilt stand
  • Optional purchase magnet hanger
  • 1000V General (Ohm, Capacitance…. Etc) input protection
  • 1000V high breaking capacity fuses protected on current inputs
  • Transient protection up to 12kV 1.5/50µs lightning surge

Brymen Handheld Multimeter Comparison Table

Model Digits Counts DC Voltage / Current Range AC Voltage / Current Range OHMS Ranges Line Level Frequency Range
BM235 3-5/6 Digits 6,000 Counts 600.0mV – 1000V 600.0mV – 1000V 600.0Ω – 60.00MΩ 99.99Hz – 50.00kHz
BM257s 3-5/6 Digits  6,000 Counts 0.01mV – 1000V 0.01mV – 1000V 0.1Ω – 60MΩ 10.00Hz – 10.00kHz
BM785 4-5/6 Digits 60,000 Counts 600.0mV – 1000V 600.0mV – 1000V 600.00Ω – 60.000MΩ 99.999Hz – 50.000kHz
BM789 4-5/6 Digits 60,000 Counts 600.0mV – 1000V 600.0mV – 1000V 600.00Ω – 60.000MΩ  99.999Hz – 50.000kHz
BM867s 5-4/5 Digits 500,000 Counts 0.001mV – 1000V 0.01mV – 1000V 0.01Ω – 50MΩ 10Hz – 200kHz
BM869s 5-4/5 Digits 500,000 Counts 0.001mV – 1000V 0.01mV – 1000V 0.01Ω – 50MΩ 10Hz – 200kHz
BM877 3-5/6 Digits  6,000 Counts 60.00mV – 1000V 60.00mV – 1000V 600.0Ω – 60.00MΩ
BM878 3-5/6 Digits  6,000 Counts 60.00mV – 1000V 60.00mV – 1000V 600.0Ω – 60.00MΩ
BM887 3-5/6 Digits  6,000 Counts 60.00mV – 1000V 60.00mV – 1000V 60.00Ω – 60.00MΩ 9.999Hz – 100.0kHz


General Specifications
Manufacturer Brymen
Display 50000/500000, Backlighted, Bargraph, Dual
Sampling 5 x/s
True RMS AC, AC + DC
Accuracy (DCV) 0.03% + 2d
Function & Features Professional Multimeter
Other Measurements (Max Range) Capacitance 25mF, Conductance 99nS, Frequency 1MHz, Temperature T1,T2
Special Features 4~20mA, dBm, DUTY%, VFD (ACV+Hz)
Special Functions AVG, Crest 1ms, HOLD, MAX, MIN, REC
Interface USB
Overload Protection 1000V
Surge Protection 12kV
Measurement Category (Safety) CAT IV
Category Voltage 1000V
Standard Accessories Silicone test leads BL21S2-T4SC, Battery installed, BKP60 K-type thermocouple, Holster, User’s manual
Optional Accessories BMH-01 Magnetic hanger, BU-86X USB Interface kit
Dimensions 103mm X 64.5mm X 208mm
Weight 635g


Specifications are liable to change. For the full list of Specifications, please see the products datasheet located under the ‘Documentation’ tab.

12 reviews for Brymen BM869s Professional Multimeter

  1. Andrew Walch (verified owner)

    I purchased this meter to replace my field Fluke 73 that eventually gave up the ghost. I went for the 869s as it has test features for VFD’s and 4-20mA components. These features are invaluable particularly when testing automation equipment. The meter is rugged and well protected. The display is large and the back light makes reading the screen a delight particularly in gloomy electrical panels. I added the magnetic hanger which is a handy upgrade when away from the bench, I often hang the meter on panel doors making it easier to read as the meter is always at eye level. Would recommend to anybody that wants a high spec meter without paying an excessively high price tag.

    • Doug Lovell

      Thanks very much for spending the time writing this review. It is appreciated.

  2. AR

    Great Meter just a pity that the software is not the latest version that keeps backlight on for longer,
    How ever I suspected this would be he case as newest version has not been out for long, Painless transaction
    and quick delivery

  3. Richard H

    Bought this on the basis of a number of YouTube reviews which rated the 1000V Cat IV safety, construction, robustness, accuracy and value of the meter. The test leads supplied are of a nice quality but perhaps the inclusion of alligator clips may have put the icing on the cake.

  4. John F

    I think this is a really great meter. It does everything you want it to. I have used it a fair bit and it’s really responsive when you are probing continuity. Can’t fault it.

  5. Jari L

    Fast shipping and excellent item. Problems with courier were sorted quickly, very good communication. Highly Recommended!
    * * * * * Five Stars * * * * *

  6. TheHW

    Very impressed by the built quality. This thing is like a tank. Two quibbles: The PCB is actually mounted to the rear shell of the meter. So when opening to get at the fuses, you actually remove the top. This means the selector knob can now spin freely. So when putting the top back, you must align it back to the right position (OFF) before closing the meter. The manual doesn’t mention this.
    2nd: A wave form with 300 mV DC content and 1.5V AC shows correctly in the AC, DC and AC+DC mode but when switching to millivolt DC the meter shows wrong values for both DC and AC content instead of showing Overload. Obviously the 1.5V AC messes up measurement. The manual warn that in mV range AC and DC components need both to be in the allowed range because there isn’t any warning on the display if they are not.
    Once you know them, both of these issues are easy to avoid

  7. David W

    Excellent meter , only disappointment is with the dark area when the backlight is active , the 3 leds produce a dark area in the light spread which makes the left edge of the display look unclear, display looks perfect when the backlight isnt running

  8. Anonymous


  9. Anonymous

    I love this multimeter. Whilst building a valve amplifier I had the meter in ohms mode and put it across 800V. No problem. This meter gives you confidence that it will work now and in the future. If it had to nit pick I would say:
    1. The soft case should come as standard
    2. To get at the fuses you have to remove the rubber holster and open the case.
    3. The case screws dont go into metal inserts.
    (the battery compartment does have metal inserts)
    4. the aligator clips should come as standard
    5. you can’t configure the duration of the back light
    6. in record mode it bees everytime a new minimum or maximum value occurs (you cant configure the beep to be silent)
    7. settle time in volts dc mode is fairly long.
    8. the probes that came with it do not accept the screw in lanterns to convert the robe tips into 4mm bananas.

  10. Anonymous

    I’ve been looking for a good multimeter for some time and after good amount of research I figured out the Brymen BM869s will suit my needs the best. Once I made a choice I started looking where to buy it. I found Telonic had the best price and to my surprise I had the multimeter in my hands the very next day!
    Thank you!

  11. Gordon J

    Excellent tester with clear display and sturdy case and selection dial. I’ve only carried out some capacitance and continuity tests so far but the instrument is a nice bench or lap tester – mine came with the gold-plated test leads, very nice they are too. Manual will get you started but I wouldn’t say it is an in-depth aid to using the instrument so probably suited to the experienced technician or hobbyist. However at this price point I doubt a novice would be using an instrument like this anyway.

  12. Christian M

    Great service, great product

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