Brymen BL21S2-T4SC CAT IV 1000V Test Leads

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CAT IV 1000V silicone wire test lead pair with screw-fastened 4mm spring tips.


9 reviews for Brymen BL21S2-T4SC CAT IV 1000V Test Leads

  1. David T


  2. Patricia W

    Delivered safely next day from Telonic with no problems. Very high quality silicone multimeter probes that are safe and reliable. Highly recommended on EEV blog Dave Jones and I agree. Another good value product from Brymen and Telonic. Thanks.

  3. Derek F

    The supplied leads with the BM235 are good quality but soldering irons and plastic insulation don’t mix so I bought silicon ones to use instead.

  4. Gareth

    I got silicone in order to prevent damage from soldering.. movement is a bit less restrictive than normal also… Nice sharp ends.

  5. Michal M

    My order was processed quickly, everything was perfectly fine with my order – only delivery took some time as courier didn’t even left a note that he was at my home.

  6. Paul S


  7. Charles C

    Good service

  8. Anonymous

    does the job

  9. Stephen B

    I didn’t really need extra leads, but I have read a few articles mentioning Silicone leads are great as they are tangle free. Which I found to be true. Plus the probes are Gold Plated, which isn’t detailed in the product description. Again Gold Plated probes aid significantly will ensuring you get a good contact and as Gold doesn’t tarnish you don’t have to worry about them being dirty and giving incorrect readings, especially when testing for continuity.

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