Siglent SDS3000X-HD Series 12-bit High Resolution Oscilloscopes


  • Bandwidth: 1 GHz, 500 MHz, 350 MHz
  • Storage depth: up to 400 Mpts/ch
  • Vertical resolution: 12-bit
  • Real-time sampling rate: up to 4 GSa/s
  • Waveform capture rate: up to 890,000 wfm/s
  • Low noise floor: as low as 125 μVrms over full bandwidth
12-bit ADC, waveform details are clearly visible
SDS3000X HD series oscilloscopes all adopt 12-bit high-resolution ADC, with quantization level up to 4096 levels. In high-resolution mode (ERES), the resolution can be increased to 16-bit. With vertical & horizontal amplification functions, it helps users to be more complete. Waveform details are clearly observed. For example, when analyzing the LLC half-bridge conversion circuit, it is necessary to observe the dead time between the driving signals of the upper tube and the lower tube through the waveform. The waveform details restored by a 12-bit oscilloscope are much clearer than those of an 8-bit oscilloscope.

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