Rigol DS8000-R Series Compact Digital Oscilloscope

Bandwidth: 100MHz, 200MHz, 350MHz, 500MHz | Channels: 4 | Max Sample Rate: 10GSa/s

  • 2 GHz Performance for Advanced and Serial Analysis Applications
  • Economical and Practical Eye Diagram Pretest
  • Support for Dither Analysis of Diverse Displays
  • Full Memory Hardware Measurement
  • Trigger, decode, and visualize serial bus traffic to speed analysis and debug of Embedded Serial Bus designs
  • Minimize scope “dead time” between trigger events and increases observations of random and sporadic events.
  • Find elusive problems in complex digital streams with long acquisitions at high sample rates

The Rigol DS8000-R series is a medium and high-end Digital Oscilloscope with a compact size designed on the basis of the ASIC chip (RIGOL self-owns its intellectual property right) and UltraVision II technical platform developed by RIGOL. It is compact and thin in design. It supports system integration of multiple devices, rack mount installation, and remote system operation to meet the system requirements for industrial automation test system. DS8000-R series oscilloscope has an analogue bandwidth of up to 2 GHz, supporting multi-device synchronous triggering, available to be extended to 512 channels. It provides an excellent solution for users to meet their middle and high-speed requirement for the system integration test and synchronization requirement for multi-channel data acquisition.

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