Delta Elektronika

Delta Elektronika have designed and manufactured DC power supplies since 1959. Unfortunately, a power supply is looked upon as a minor part of any equipment and often taken for granted. For so many, it is just seen as an electronic box ordered at the last minute. It can be compared with our heart. It’s often neglected and we tend to pay even more attention to our hair. But if the heart fails the whole system goes down.

By reputation, a Delta power supply must be reliable. Hence why their design concept has a large emphasis on high quality technical specifications and long life. The specifications of their products may seem unrealistic but turn out to be even better when measured. Delta users have come to expect perfection and an almost infinite life span at continuous full power and at a low cost. A continuing research program has resulted in designs that can meet an ever expanding number of specifications.

As a result of their design philosophy the units react over 10 times faster on load transients, produce barely audible noise and produce 10 – 30 times less electromagnetic interference. Delta customers will never face any issues caused by radiated or conducted emissions of our power supplies. The same design philosophy applies for immunity: the toughest standard is not good enough for them. A Delta power supply will operate with complete reliability even in a very noisy environment.

All their power supply units are rigorously tested before being shipped to the customer. This ensures the long term functioning of each unit and customer satisfaction. Delta Elektronika Produces world class DC power supplies.

They are proud to hear their customers say: “you are making them too well.”

Delta’s range of programmable dc power supplies run from 30w to 300kW including a new range of grid tied regenerative sink source units.

ES150 Series ES300 Series SM800 Series SM1500 Series

Voltage: 0-15V to 0-300V
Current: 0-0.45A to 0-10A
Power: 150W

Voltage: 0-30V
Current: 0-10A
Power: 300W

Voltage: 0-7.5V to 0-400V
Current: 0-2A to 0-80A
Power: 800W

Voltage: 0-15V to 0-400V
Current: 0-5A to 0-100A
Power: 1.5kW
SM3300 Series SM6000 Series SM15K Series

Voltage: 0-18V to 0-660V
Current: 0-5.5A to 0-220A
Power: 3300W

Voltage: 0-15V to 0-600V
Current: 0-10A to 0-400A
Power: 6000W

Voltage: 0-70V to 0-1500V
Current: +/- 0-30A to +/- 0-450A
Power: 15kW
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