Web control for the MSO8000, DS7000 and MSO5000 series scopes

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

Remote control of the  DS7000 and MSO5000 is possible using Web Control.

To set up web control connect the scope to a PC with a LAN cable.
Push the Utility key followed by I/O and then LAN on the side of the display.
The Lan settings window  will now be brought up. For this  example we will  use the IP address generated by Auto IP. It will take a few moments to generate the IP address and show status as  connected.

Now enter the IP address into your browser on the PC and you will be presented with the Web Control Welcome  screen.

Press the Web Control button and enter the user name and password.

The display of the scope will appear on the PC screen along with selectable menu items once logged in.