Using a Rigol product key to generate a Rigol software licence code.

Posted on: December 14th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

Please note…

  • You must enter the product key exactly as it appears on the certificate.
  • The serial number is made up of capital letters and numbers only – There are no lower case letters and no spaces.
  • Please take care when entering the serial number! If you enter an incorrect but valid serial number, the generated software licence code will not be accepted by your instrument.
  • You might find that entering the software licence code into your instrument via the front-panel is rather tedious. Please note that it is possible to enter the code remotely from a PC, using the SCPI control panel within Ultra Sigma. Copying the software licence code from the webpage generator to Ultra Sigma reduces the risk of error. For further information, please refer to the Ultra Sigma Help Document and the Programming Guide for your instrument. Both of these documents and the Ultra Sigma software download can be found on the webpage for your instrument, under the ‘DOCUMENTS, SOFTWARE & VIDEOS‘ tab.
  • For some models it is possible to download the generated software licence code as a ‘.lic’ file, save it to a USB memory stick, then import it into your Rigol instrument from the USB memory stick. For further information, please refer to the User Guide for your instrument.