Search and Navigation capability on the MSO5000, DS7000 and MSO8000

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

Search and Navigation is a great feature to easily move around on long complex signals with multiple trigger events.  The Search and Navigation feature can be used when either an edge, pulse, runt, slop, RS232, I2C or SPI signal is being trigger on and can allow you to select a desired trigger point.

For this example I have channel one on the oscilloscope connected to a SPI data line to show the search and navigation features capabilities.

  • Once the probe is connected press the “Auto” button, this will cause the instrument to trigger on the edge of the signal.  It will not be using a serial trigger at this time.
  • Change the horizontal scaling so that it reads 50 ms.
  • Press “Search” then set the “Threshold” with the “Intensity Knob” so that the orange dotted line is in the middle of the signal.
  • Press “Back” and then turn the “Search” ON.
  • Notice at the top of the display there are now a large number of white triangles and one red triangle these indicate all of the trigger events that the search and navigation function is recognizing.
  • Press the “Stop/Run” button and then turn ON the “MarkTable”.  This will cause the Marker Table to appear on the screen.
  • You are able to both scroll and then tap on any of the marked events and then the scope will automatically jump to them and they will then be marked in a red arrow.
  • For instance, press on the 11th event and then change your horizontal scaling to be zoom in on the signal.