Record Mode on the MSO5000, DS7000 and MSO8000

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

You can use Pass/Fail measurements for a number of applications. With this scope family you can set it up to stop or continue when there is a failure, you can have the instrument make a beep or take a screen shot when a failure occurs.  You can create masks with varying error budgets around a target signal, and you can even use the record mode to record all the failures as frames. In this way, you could set up a test over night, let it run, and come back and have all the failure states recorded for you.

  • Press “Utility” and then press “PassFail”.
  • Set “Enable” to ON.
  • To change the mask parameters, press “Mask”, and then “Create”, you can then change the Masks X parameters and Y Parameters and even select if you would like to mask effect the full screen or between two cursor points.  Once this is done press “Create”.
  • You can turn on the information display by first pressing “Back” and then press “Information” to turn on the display.
  • At this point you can then turn on the mask by pressing “Operate” to begin your testing.