Micsig RCP500 Rogowski AC Current Probe

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The new RCP500 adopts the Rogowski coil current measurement system: within the range, the output signal of the system and the current signal to be measured are always linear, so the accuracy will not change with the current;

The RCP500 measures AC current up to 500A pk, minimum to 200mA pk, with bandwidth ranging from 15Hz to 300KHz, 1% accuracy, and has less than 2mV noise.

Directly powered by Micsig UPI interface, realise auto scaling setup But can also be connected via BNC to ant other oscilloscope


  • Test leads & probe with built-in shielding function
  • Support USB power supply, suitable for any brand of oscilloscope
  • Support direct power supply when connecting with Micsig UPI interface
  • Automatically match the attenuation ratio when using with Micsig latest Smart series oscilloscope
  • High accuracy, low noise, exquisite appearance

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RCP500 Specifications
Model RCP500
Bandwidth 15-300KHz   (-3dB )
Current range  200mApk-500Apk
Output Connector Powered BNC / External BNC
Output Sensitivity 10mV/A
Typical Accuracy 1%
Phase Accuracy ≤0.8° (45Hz-66Hz)
Temperature Coefficient Operating temp. range + 0.05 × Accuracy Specification /℃ (23℃±5℃)
Conductor Positional Accuracy Within ±1% (Deviation from the Center)
Influence of External Magnetic Fields 1.5% f.s. or below (400A/m,50Hz/60Hz)
Offset Voltage ±1mV or below
Max Voltage AC 10kV RMS (1 minute), (50Hz/60Hz) (Rogowski coil part only)
Output Impedance High resistance
Output Noise <2mv rms
Conductor Under Test Diameter ≤Φ50mm
Rogowski Coil Inner Diameter 50mm(customizable)
Rogowski Coil Thickness Approx. φ6mm

Note* Specifications are liable to change. For the full list of Specifications, please see the products datasheet located under the ‘Documentation’ tab.


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