Micsig CP503 High Frequency 30A AC DC 50MHz Current Probe

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Micsig CP503 AC/DC 30A 50MHz Oscilloscope Probe for measuring direct and alternating current with a current of up to 30 A with a 50 MHz Bandwidth, it can be connected to the oscilloscope through the Micsig UPI connector. It does not require an external power supply.


  • Dual range selection, easy to measure low current
  • Degaussing and automatic Zero setting
  • Wide bandwidth with superior 1% accuracy (typical)
  • Directly powered by Micsig UPI interface (CP1003/CP503)


Model Bandwidth Rise Time Power Interface Range Output Sensitivity DC accuracy (typical)
CP503 50MHz ≤7ns Micsig UPI 6A(2X)/ 30A(10X) 1V/2A(6A )
±1%±10mA(6A )
CP1003 100MHz ≤3.5ns Micsig UPI 6A(2X)/ 30A(10X) 1V/2A(6A )
±1%±10mA(6A )
CP503B 50MHz ≤7ns Standard BNC 6A(2X)/ 30A(10X) 1V/2A(6A )
±1%±10mA(6A )
CP1003B 100MHz ≤3.5ns Standard BNC 6A(2X)/ 30A(10X) 1V/2A(6A )
±1%±10mA(6A )



User Manual CP503/CP1003

Micsig CP503/CP1003 User Manual

Data Sheet CP503/CP1003

Micsig CP503/CP1003 Data Sheet

CP503 Specifications
Model CP503
Bandwidth 50MHz
Current range 6A (2X) / 30A (10X)
Output Connector Powered BNC / External BNC
Output Sensitivity 1V/2A (6A) 1V/10A (30A)
Typical Accuracy 1%
Phase Accuracy ≤0.8° (45Hz-66Hz)
Temperature Coefficient Operating temp. range + 0.05 × Accuracy Specification /℃ (23℃±5℃)
Conductor Positional Accuracy Within ±1% (Deviation from the Center)
Influence of External Magnetic Fields 1.5% f.s. or below (400A/m,50Hz/60Hz)
Offset Voltage ±1mV or below
Max Voltage CAT I 300V

Note* Specifications are liable to change. For the full list of Specifications, please see the products datasheet located under the ‘Documentation’ tab.


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