Meatest CamOCR Optical Readout Module

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Meatest CamOCR Optical Readout Module

CamOcr camera module extends possibilities of MEATEST automatic calibration software Caliber. CamOcr is designed for scanning of seven-segment digital displays of measuring instruments – devices under test.

Using CamOcr you can “connect” the Caliber even to instruments (UUT) that are not equipped with any kind of PC interface. UUT display is constantly scanned by digital camera and pictures are then converted to numbers (measuring results), which are used in for further calculations. This makes taking multiple readouts really easy as well as calculations of uncertainty type A for every calibration point.

The module assembly incorporates a camera with rotary holder retaining the camera attached to pedestal, enabling the camera to be turned in several directions to set up for optimal light conditions. The module requires no auxiliary lightning, however, the image evaluation may take more time under poor light conditions.

Caliber / WinQbase software

Camera module is fully compatible with calibration software WinQbase. WinQbase serves for the registration and calibration of measuring instruments.

With the camera-scanning module, it features entirely automatic calibration of digital instruments, which have no option to be connected to the computer. During the calibration process, the program proceeds similarly as if having been connected to the computer.

The camera-scanned image is digitally processed and transferred into a digital information. The program is determined for seven-segment display. A set of measurements in each check point is done, then being statistically evaluated and deviation and uncertainty of measurement is stated. This solution benefits from a significant reducing of work quantity for calibration as well as from better repetition and objectivity of measuring. The system entirely eliminates influence of the operator on the uncertainty calibration.

CamOcr module can be used only as an option of Caliber software. Independent application is not supported.



CamOCR Datasheet

User Manual

CamOCR User Manual