Danisense DR5000UX-10V/5000A Zero Flux Current Transducer AC:3600Arms, DC:5000A

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Danisense DR5000UX-10V/5000A Current Transducer

Danisense DR5000UX-10V/5000A is an ultra-stable, high precision (ppm class) fluxgate technology DR series current transducer for non-intrusive, isolated DC and AC current measurement up to 5500A

  • MPS for particles accelerators
  • Stable power supplies
  • Precision drives
  • Batteries testing and evaluation systems
  • Power measurement and power analysis
  • Precision current calibration purposes


  • Linearity error maximum +/- 7ppm
  • 3 pin XLR mini connector for voltage output
  • Transducer core optimised for high level of immunity against external magnetic fields
  • Transducer head 0-60°C
  • Electronics 0-45°C
  • Aperture diameter 150mm
  • 2U 19″ Control unit with universal (100-240V AC 50/60Hz) AC input voltage or 120V-370V DC input voltage
  • Danisense advanced sensor protection circuit “ASPC”


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