Brymen BM197 Clamp-On Multimeter

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Brymen BM197 Clamp-On Multimeter

Brymen BM197 clamp-on multimeter, CAT IV 1kV Clamp-on DMM

Standard accessories:

  • Test leads (1-off red, 1-off black)
  • User Manual
  • BKP60 K-type thermocouple
  • Soft carry pouch


RUGGED & DURABLE: High-Impact Fire-Retarded Enclosure With Battery Compartment & Access Door DIODE TEST: For Testing Diodes & Rectifiers CAPACITANCE: 6 Auto-Ranges Up To 2000μF To Measure Motor Capacitors TYPE-K TEMPERATURE:  Selectable °0 And °F Readings; Comes With BKP60 Bead Probe AUTO-POWER-OFF: Extends Battery Life DATA HOLD: Freezes The Displaying Reading For Later View 5ms CREST-MAX: Captures In-Rush Peak Signals Of ACA Or ACV As Short As 5ms In Duration HIGH CURRENT: (ACA) Hz Measures Non-Invasive ACA Frequency VIA Clamp Jaws HIGH VOLTAGE: (ACV) Hz Measures Noisy High Voltage ACV Frequency VIA Test Leads 0.5% DCV BASIC ACCURACY: DCV 4 Auto-Ranges To 1000V; ACV 4 Auto-Ranges To 1000V EF-DETECTION: Both Non-Contact (NCV) & Single-Probe Voltage Detection For Identifying Live Lines RELATIVE ZERO MODE: For Convenient Readings Comparison & Offset TRANSIENT PROTECTION: Up To 12kV 1.2/50μs Lightning Surge; More Confidence For Serious Users PC-COMM INTERFACE CAPABILITY: Optional Purchase RS232C+USB Cables With Data Recording PCSoftware BACKLIGHTED LCD DISPLAY: For Easy Viewing In The Dark GHOST-VOLTAGE-BUSTER: LoZ Drains Ghost/ Stray Voltages Leaving Only Hard Signals On Meter Readings FULLY AUTO-RANGING DMM: Shortens The Time To Measure And Increases The Ease Of Use AUTOCHECK FEATURE: Automatic Selection Of LoZ DCV, LoZ ACV & OHMS VFD V & Hz FEATURE: Measures Fundamental Voltage & Frequency Of Most Variable Frequency Drives ERGONOMIC & STREAMLINE BODY: Also Comes With A Soft Pouch For Easy Carrying & Protection AC+DC TRUE RMS MEASUREMENTS: For Non-Sinusoidal & Complex Waveforms Of Voltages & Currents RESISTANCE: 6 Auto-Ranges Up To 40MΩ LVD CAT IV 1000V SAFETY: Meets EN61010-2-032, EN61010-1 & UL Standards On CAT IV 1000V FAST AUDIBLE CONTINUITY: For Quick Open-Short Tests On Switches, Fuses, And Wires LARGE HALL-EFFECT CLAMP JAWS: For Large Conductors Up To 55mm With DC & AC 2000A Capability  

Brymen Clamp-On Multimeter Comparison Table

Model DC Voltage AC Voltage DC V Basic Accuracy
BM031 Up to 600V - 1.0%
BM033 Up to 600V - 1.0%
BM035 Up to 600V - 1.0%
BM037 Up to 600V - 1.0%
BM083 2 Auto-Ranges to 1000V  2 Auto-Ranges to 1000V 0.8%
BM086  2 Auto-Ranges to 1000V  2 Auto-Ranges to 1000V 0.8%
BM088  2 Auto-Ranges to 1000V  2 Auto-Ranges to 1000V 0.8%
BM197 4 Auto-Ranges To 1000V V 4 Auto-Ranges To 1000V 0.5%



BM195 Datasheet

User Manual

BM195 User Manual

General Specifications
Manufacturer Brymen
True RMS AC + DC
Sampling 5 x/s
Accuracy (DCV) 0.8% + 5d
Max Conductor Size 55mm
Current Measurement AC/DC Current
Function & Features Clamp Meter
Other Measurements (Max Range) Capacitance, Current µ DCA (via test leads), Frequency, Resistance, Temperature
Special Functions
Test Functions Continuity test, Diode test, EF voltage detection, Phase rotation for MAINS and motors
Surge Protection 8kV
Measurement Category (Safety) CAT IV
Category Voltage 1000V
Standard Accessories Alligator clip set, Battery installed, BKP60 K-type thermocouple (BM197 only), Gold-plated test leads (pair), Soft carrying pouch, User’s manual
Dimensions: Depth 43mm
Dimensions: Width 97mm
Dimensions: Height 264mm
Weight 608g


Specifications are liable to change. For the full list of Specifications, please see the products datasheet located under the ‘Documentation’ tab.



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