Option license activation process for the DS1000Z, DS2000/A, DS4000, and DS6000 Oscilloscopes

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

The Rigol DS1000Z, DS2000, DS4000, and DS6000 series of oscilloscopes have a number of options available that can be added later. This includes serial decoding, memory expansion, and triggering options.

1. Contact your RIGOL sales representative or RIGOL technical support to order the corresponding options. You can view the options currently installed on the oscilloscope or activate the newly bought option serial number through the options menu on the instrument.

2. Press Utility > Down Arrow > Options > Installed to view the options currently installed on the oscilloscope. 

3. Press Setup to enter the serial number activation menu.

4. Editor: press this softkey to turn on the serial number input interface.

5. Use the multi-function knob to select the characters on the virtual keyboard and press down the knob to input the character.