NEW Delta Elektronika Regenerative Bidirectional DC Power Supplies 15kW to 900kW

Posted on: October 27th, 2021 by Thomas

Delta Electronika extends their line-up of bidirectional sink source DC power supplies which incorporate a DC source with a grid-tied DC load in a single unit with the addition of the SM210-CP-150 (0 to 210V, -150 to +150A). With power capability of 15kW per unit extendable to 900kW in full master/slave mode they make an ideal choice for engineers involved with battery and motor testing.

A standard feature for this supply is Delta’s new Power Recovery (Regeneration) Technology: in sink mode these bi-directional power supplies can return full power back into the grid and thanks to an efficiency of 95%, there is no need for expensive water cooling systems. The flexible output covers the output range of five separate power supplies with a traditional rectangular VI-Curve.

Some of the SM15K Series Features / Functionalities include:

  • Bidiirectional power supply with standard 15kW source and sink
  • Flexible output with Constant Power characteristics
  • Power Regeneration Technology: in sink mode the PSU returns the energy back into the grid
  • Easy Master/Slave parallel & series operation up to 900kW
  • Very low heat dissipation. Efficiency is more than 95%.
  • Excellent dynamic responses to load changes including all-digital control to adapt regulation to match load type
  • Designed for long life at full power
  • Protected against all overload and short circuit conditions
  • Operation on a wide range of 3 phase AC input voltages
  • Ethernet interface, built-in sequencer and web interface is included
  • Large user display, menu driven operations
  • Durable digital encoders for voltage and current adjustment and menu operation
  • EMC surpasses CE and UKCA requirements; low emission and high immunity
  • Low audible noise; temperature controlled by cooling fans

Line up:SM70-CP-450 Regenerative Bi-Directional DC Power Supply 0V – 70V 0A – +/- 450ASM210-CP-150 Regenerative Bi-Directional DC Power Supply 0V – 210V 0A – +/- 150ASM500-CP-90 Regenerative Bi-Directional DC Power Supply 0V – 500V 0A – +/- 90ASM1500-CP-30 Regenerative Bi-Directional DC Power Supply 0V – 1500V  0A – +/- 30A


Delta Elektronika’s power supplies are available for both sale and hire from Wokingham based Telonic Instruments Limited