MSO5000, DS7000, MSO7000, MSO8000 BIN file conversion

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

The oscilloscope models including the MSO5000, DS7000, MSO7000, and MSO8000 all include the ability to create compact .BIN file types for saving to USB sticks or the internal hard drive.

The .BIN files are easy ways to save and archive display and memory data. Creating these files is done from the Storage/Save Wave menu. Here we show the settings used to save 10 MPts of deep memory to a USB stick mounted as the D Drive:

Complete the save process by pushing Save at the bottom right of the display.

Move the USB stick to your PC and put the Saved file, whose default name would be “RigolDS0.bin”), into a directory with the EXE file found in this zip package.

With both files in the same folder open the Command Prompt, navigate to the folder with the files, and then execute this command:

“out.csv” is the filename you desire for the output data. It should not yet exist. This is the command for a BIN file with a single channel in it. For multiple channels include a separate filename for each channel to be output.

Once completed, you can then open the output file with a utility like UltraEdit that allows you to view very long text based files. Here is a view of UltraEdit showing the end of the 10 Mpt file: