Inverted color printing with the Rigol DS2000/A, DS4000, and DS6000 Oscilloscopes

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

The DS series of oscilloscopes can save display images directly to an external USB memory device using the Quick Print feature.

This can be extremely helpful in documenting the input waveforms as well as the instrument settings and any measurements that may be active on the display. 

There are a number of print settings that can change the wave generation combining uncompromised performance with unprecedented value. 
1.    To access the print menu, press UTILITY > Down Arrow > Print 
2.    The Print Utility page 1 has Color Palette menu selection. Color will use the standard colors used on the physical display for the saved images and Greyscale will use only grey colors for the saved image. 
3.    The Print Utility page 2 has Invert menu selection. ON will invert every color. OFF will use the standard color selection.  
4.    Use the Quick Print button to quickly save display images to the external USB drive: 
Here are examples of the different settings: 
             Palette = Color, Invert = OFF 

            Palette = Grey Scale, Invert = OFF 
            Palette = Color, Invert = ON 

            Palette = Grey Scale, Invert = ON