How to use the MSO5000, DS7000 and MSO8000 Logic Analyzer different capabilities

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

The logic analyzer allows you to view up to 16 digital channels at once along with group them and label them to make your measurements easier to view.

  • To activate the logic analyzer, press the “LA” button or the “L” section at the bottom of the display.  Note that the LA channels will allow you some vertical scaling control within the LA menu, but the horizontal scaling is controlled through the horizontal control knobs.
  • Once you have entered the logic analyzer menu you can choose which channels you would like to turn on by pressing the “On/Off” section and then with in there you can either turn on or off each bank of eight channel or you can turn on or off specific channels.  Turn “OFF” channels “D15-D8”
  • This is also where you can group your channels together by pressing “Group” and then you can select one of the four groups and then you can select which channels you would like to group together.  Group channels D0-D2 together, and then choose another group and group D5-D7 together.
  • Then press “Back” and then press “Group On/Off” to turn on both groups.
  • Press the “Back” button.
  • To change the channel arrangement, press “Arrange”.  Notice how this will change how the channels will be positioned on the display either from D0-D7 or D7-D0.
  • To change the vertical scaling of the channel press “Size” and then select “Large as your desired size.  This will then fill the entire display with the eight channels.
  • Press “Label” and then turn “Display” ON. You will now see the channel labels being displayed on the left-hand side of the display, and you can also change these labels.  To change the labels press “Select” and choose your channel, then you can select a predefined label from the “Library” or you can create your own custom label by pressing “Label” and then you type one in with the onscreen keyboard.
  • Add a “CLK” label to channel “D0” and then label “D7” with your name.