How to default the DS/MSO7000 series and the MSO5000 series

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

There are two ways to default the UltraVision II oscilloscopes. 

1) The first way requires that you set the Power On setting to default and then cycle the instruments power.  To find this setting first press “Utility” then “System” and then finally make certain that the “Power On”Setting is set to “Default”.  

2) The second method requires the instrument to be initially power off.  First power on the instrument and then immediately start tapping on the “Single” button on the instrument, about twice a second.  When you hear an beep come from the instrument you can stop pressing the button, at this point the RIGOL logo will be displayed on the screen and on the right it will also display Upgrade Firmware and Restore Defaults, press “Restore Defaults”.  The instrument will then power on to the default settings.