How to create a reference on the MSO5000, DS7000 and MSO8000

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

A reference signal can be created and stored on the scope to compare against later on.  It can either be save and recalled later or shown on the display. To save a reference press “Ref” and then press “SaveToRef” this will save a reference of your signal and display it behind the signal.  If you would like to save multiple references you r will need to change the current reference from Ref1 to Ref#.  Additionally the scaling and position of the reference signal can be changed using the touch screen or the intensity knob and labels, change the color and add details can be changed in the more section of the menu. 

Below I have taken a reference signal of the scopes compensation port and moved it up vertically to show the reference signal.