When installing Ultra Sigma I get a message PC telling me to install NIVISA / VISA Runtime engine. What am i doing wrong?

Posted on: December 14th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

If you wish to use UltraSigma (PC driver set) you may be invited to install the National Instruments VISA/IVI drivers FIRST (industry-wide driver architecture for instrument). If you wish to proceed…
First of all, please install the NI-VISA runtime engine from this website: ni.com

Please note: Telonic is not responsible for the content of 3rd party websites. It is generally best to stick with one common Instrument Architecture (e.g. NI-VISA). If you decide to install NI-VISA IVI, you should be aware that other existing Instrument Architectures you may already use for other instruments may not be compatible. Future ones you add may also not be compatible. We use this successfully on Win7 machines here – however, we can not advise what is suitable for individual customers and you install NI-VISA IVI at your own risk.