What about RIGOL battery and portable use? Can you run RIGOL Scopes and Spectrum Analysers from Battery or portable UPS Power Supplies?

Posted on: December 14th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

Running the DSA815 from a battery (see also comment about other instruments)

Although the size and weight of the DSA800’s make it attractive for use in locations where there is no power, it suffers from the lack of an internal battery. A Google search uncovers a raft of battery backed up power supplies but the recommendation is that the DSA800’s run from a supply that has a sine output. For this report, a DSA800 was connected to such a supply, the ac plug was pulled, and the Spectrum Analyser’s performance measured. For comparison, the instrument’s performance was also monitored as it was running from an ac plug in the lab. The test results are at the end of this report.

The first group of test parameters were:

  • Start Freq 50 Mhz
  • Stop Freq 51 Mhz
  • Resolution Bandwidth 100 Hz
  • Reference Level -56 dBm
  • Preamplifier ON
  • The second group of test parameters were:
  • Center Freq 750 MHz
  • Span 1 Mhz
  • Resolution Bandwidth 100 Hz
  • Reference Level -56 dBm
  • Preamplifier ON

A Rigol DG4162 Function Generator was programmed to output a 50 MHz 0dBm signal and connected to the DSA800 input. The DSA800 was then configured to measure the function generators phase noise.

Before removing the power to the Battery Backed Up supply, the DSA800’s tracking generator was turned on. After running for about 90 minutes, the DSA Stopped Running.


The images below document that it would be very hard to differentiate the power source option used with the DSA800 by looking at the performance curves. It should be noted again that the Battery Backed Up Power Supply (CyperPower 100PFCLCD) has been designed to output a sine wave.

Although not tested, it’s likely the Power Supply could be used with other Rigol Equipment. The Data Sheet for the Power Supply is at the end of this document.