UltraSpectrum Compatibility with DSA800 and RSA5000/3000 series Remote control options

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

For DSA875/832/832E:

If you experience a defective UltraSpectrum display while connected to a DSA875/DSA832/DSA832E series spectrum analyser, the most likely cause is due to a UltraSpectrum and firmware version mismatch. To correct the issue, download the firmware version 1.06 for DSA875/DSA832/DSA832E from the below download tab at:


Here is an example of the UltraSpectrum display using an incompatible version of firmware:

For RSA5000/3000 series

The new firmware on RSA3000 & RSA5000 has Web Control function. Instead of using UltraSpectrum, the Web Control is free with the latest Firmware and much better than UltraSpectrum as it works in multiple modes.

To set up the Web Control, connect the Spectrum Analyser to a PC with a LAN cable.

Turn on the Web Control by : System->Display->next page Web Control->On

Press System->Interface->LAN to get the IP address.

Type the IP address in web browser on the PC and you will be presented with the Web Control Welcome  screen.

Click Web control, the display of the RSA will appear on the PC screen along with the selectable menu.