Timer operation with the DP800 series power supply

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

When the timer is enabled the power supply will output preset voltage and current values at time increments you specify.

Press Timer and then Timer Set to see the screen below. The columns 0-5 represents steps or groups that will be output at the Set time in seconds. So for this example only column 0 will be output since the Group field has been set to 1.

The channel currently selected is displayed in the status bar. Press the channel selection keys at the front panel to select the channel you wish to program. Then press Parameter to select voltage current and time duration for each group. Groups 0 through 5 can be seen on the screen and you can program as many as 2048 Groups.

Once you have programmed the voltage, current and time for each Group then go to page 2/3. Here you can specify Cycles. One Cycle is one sequence of Groups. So you can repeat a sequence of Groups by setting the Cycle setting between 1 and 99999. You can also save and restore timer setups from this  menu page as well as set the End State. The End State can be set to last or off.

From menu page 2/3 increment to 3/3 and then press the left arrow at the bottom of the display to  get to the Timer and Delayer interface:

To enable the timer and output the programmed levels first turn Timer On and then press the On button of the channel  that has been programmed. Once turned on the power supply will output each group that has been programmed.

The power supply also has a collection  of templates  that will output voltage and current to a set pattern. They include  Sine, Pulse, Ramp, Stair Up, Stair Dn, StairUpDn, Exp Rise and Exp Fall.