Timer operation with the DP700 series power supply

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell
The DP700 series power supply provides a timer function. When the timing output is enabled, the instrument will configure the output voltages and currents based on the preset timer parameters. The edited timer parameters are allowed to be saved to the internal non-volatile memory (NVM), and can be recalled if necessary.

Timer is an optional function. If you want to use the timer function the option will need to be purchased and installed.

Pressing the Timer keypad button will bring up the screen below.

Output Groups represents the steps or groups that will be used. In the example above only one group is specified to  run as shown in column 1. So  Group 1 will output a voltage of  1 volt at 1 amp for  1 second. All other columns are grayed out. You can specify a maximum of 2048 groups.

One Cycle is one sequence of Groups. So you can repeat a sequence of Groups by setting the Cycle setting between 1 and 99999. You can also save and restore timer setups from this  menu page as well as set the End State. The End State can be set to last or off.
Trigger Mode can be specified  as Single or Auto. When Single is specified the power supply will output one group at a time and will increment to the next group when the OK button is pressed. When Auto is selected the complete sequence of groups will be run.

End State can be selected to Output Off or Last. With Output Off selected the power supply will turn the output off when the last group is completed. When Last is selected the power supply will maintain the settings of the last group that is completed.

To start the sequence of groups press the On/Off button.