S1210 Changing the Workspace path

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

When the S1210 application is started up a default Workspace path and demo file is created. In the example below the demo Workspace file has been created in C:/Users/ruby/AppData/Local:

The S1210 application now shows the associated demo tests that be selected and you can connect to the spectrum analyser by clicking on Device:

A different Workspace path can be selected if desired. In the example below the path has been set to C:/Temp/S1210: 

No tests have been created so there are now no tests listed in the example below. And, without a test you will not be able to connect with the spectrum analyser when you click on Device: 

To create a new test select File and then New. In the example below test_0 has been created. Now that a test exists you can select Device to connect to  the spectrum analyser.