RIGOL Technologies introduces HDO1000 and HDO4000 Series 12 Bit Oscilloscopes in China

Posted on: July 25th, 2022 by Doug Lovell

Rigol launch two new ranges of 12- bit high-resolution HDO series digital oscilloscopes, including HDO4000 series and HDO1000 series, with a bandwidths covering 70MHz to 800MHz.

The HDO1000 and HDO4000 series oscilloscopes are equipped with the ” Centaurus ” chipset, which has excellent real-time sampling rate, noise floor, vertical resolution, waveform capture rate, etc., and will meet related requirements such as power supply ripple, harmonic analysis, MOSFET testing, etc. Power test requirements. Not only that, this series can also widely assist in the testing of complex scenarios such as low-power testing, power rail analysis, semiconductor testing, medical electronics and so on.

Rigol HDO4000 Features

  • 800/400/200MHz analogue bandwidth
  • Up to 4GSa/s real-time sampling rate
  • Ultra-low noise floor down to 18μVrms
  • Vertical sensitivity up to 100µV/div
  • Maximum 500Mpts storage depth
  • 4 analogue channels
  • Support battery pack power supply

Rigol HDO4000 Features

Analogue BandwidthChannelsMax Sample RateMax Storage DepthWaveform Capture Rate
HD04804800MHz44GSa/s500Mpts(opt)1500,000 wfms/s
HDO4404400MHz44GSa/s500Mpts(opt)1500,000 wfms/s
HDO4204200MHz44GSa/s500Mpts(opt)1500,000 wfms/s

Rigol HDO1000 Features

  • 200/100/70MHz analogue bandwidth
  • Up to 1GSa/s real-time sampling rate
  • 500 μV/div~10 V/div vertical sensitivity range
  • Maximum 100Mpts storage depth
  • 2/4 analogue channels
ModelAnalogue BandwidthChannelsMax Sample RateMax Storage DepthWaveform Capture Rate
HD01202200MHz21GSa/s100Mpts(opt)1500,000 wfms/s
HDO1204200MHz41GSa/s100Mpts(opt)1500,000 wfms/s
HDO107270MHz21GSa/s100Mpts(opt)1500,000 wfms/s
HDO107470MHz41GSa/s100Mpts(opt)1500,000 wfms/s
HDO1104100MHz41GSa/s100Mpts(opt)1500,000 wfms/s
HDO1102100MHz21GSa/s100Mpts(opt)1500,000 wfms/s

*Options maybe required for some features and specification subject to change without notice.