Rigol Ultra Spectrum PC Software Licence

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Rigol ‘Ultra Spectrum’ is Windows PC compatible remote control, remote monitoring and data analysis software for all Rigol spectrum analysers (DSA700 series, DSA800 series, DSA1000 series, RSA3000 series and RSA5000 series).

Remote Control – The design of this software is based upon the VISA standard. Remote control and monitoring of a Rigol spectrum analyser is possible using either a USB or LAN connection.
Data Storage and Processing – This software provides powerful data processing functions (independent from the instrument). You can perform a series of operations on the spectral data acquired from the instrument to fulfil various signal measurement and study requirements.
Instrument Function Extension and Enhancement – Special functions (such as the 3-D intensity graph) extend and enhance the functions of the spectrum analyser.


  • Mouse Operation, Easy-to-Use
  • Various Marker Setting Functions
  • Powerful Trace Display and Operation Functions
  • Various Data Storage and Download Functions
  • Peak and Valley Detect
  • View History Spectrum Data
  • Amplitude Correction Data Editing
  • Various Advanced Measurement Functions
  • SCPI Command List, Command Log


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