Rigol RSA3000-EMI EMI Measurement Application License

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The RSA3000-EMI option provides a complete EMI Pre-Compliance Solution. The product provides scans, peak tests, limits and multiple simultaneous CISPR detectors. Engineers can compare, analyse and report on EMI issues throughout thier design process.The EMI Measurement Application can be added to any RSA Family Real-Tim Spectrum Analyser.Benefits of the EMI Measurement Application are: Expanded capabilities within RSA Series Spectrum AnalysersBuilt in CISPR bandwidhs and detectorsAutomated scans of multiple segmentsLimit lines and automated peak/limit searchesUp to 3 traces with different detectorsLog Frequency DisplayLive Measurements wtih 3 detectors at marker or signalCorrections for antennas, LISNS, cables and pre-ampsReport Generation

Each licence contains a unique product key. The product key is used to generate a software licence code that must be entered into your instrument. To generate a Rigol software licence code using your Rigol product key, please see HERE. Installed software licence codes are permanent – They are unaffected by Rigol firmware updates.


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