Micsig MDP1501 150MHz, ±1500V, 50X / 500X High Voltage Differential Oscilloscope Probe

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Micsig MDP1501 150MHz, ±1500V, 50X / 500X High Voltage Differential Oscilloscope Probe

The High Voltage Differential Oscilloscope Probe MDP Series, born out of Micsig’s state-of-the-art SigOFIT™ technology. Boasting an array of bandwidth options ranging from 100MHz to 500MHz and a maximum voltage capacity ranging from 700Vpk to 3000Vpk, the Micsig MDP Series is engineered to excel in high-frequency and high-voltage signal testing. With an exceptional noise floor, outstanding amplitude-frequency characteristics, and industry-leading common mode rejection capability, users can navigate their high-frequency environments with unparalleled ease. The probe’s bandwidth flatness, maintaining amplitude fluctuation below 0.5dB within its half bandwidth range, ensures high accuracy even in the most demanding frequency bands. With features such as high accuracy, low noise, quick zeroing capability, dual range selection, BNC interface compatibility, and USB-C powered, the MDP Series sets a new standard in versatility and user-friendly design. Additionally, the overvoltage alarm provides a crucial safety measure, signalling an over-range alert through flashing LEDs and rapid buzzer sounds. The MDP Series, compact and exquisite compared to traditional differential probes, represents a leap forward in the evolution of high-voltage measurements

Applications include…

  • Floating measurements
  • Switch-mode power supply design
  • Motor drive design
  • Electronic ballast design
  • CRT display design
  • Power converter design and service
  • Power device evaluation
  • Electronic power and electric drive experiments
  • Welding, electroplating power supply


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