Micsig DP10013 100MHz, ±1300V, 50X / 500X High Voltage Differential Oscilloscope Probe

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The Micsig DP10013 is a 100MHz bandwidth, 1.3kVpeak, high-voltage differential probe that offers excellent value for money last remaining units if sold new model is MDP1500

Applications include…

Floating measurements
Switch-mode power supply design
Motor drive design
Electronic ballast design
CRT display design
Power converter design and service
Power device evaluation


DP10013 Specifications
Model DP10013
Bandwidth 100MHz
Rise Time 3.5ns
Attenuation 50X
Gain accuracy ±2%
Maximum Differential Test Voltage (DC+AC PK) 130V(50X)
Maximum input common mode voltage (DC+AC PK) CAT II 1000V
Input referred noise ≤40mVrms(50X)
≤230 mVrms(500X)
Common Mode Rejection Ratio >80dB(DC)
Input Impedance 10MΩ/1pF(differential)
5MΩ/2pF(single-ended to ground)
Output Voltage ≤3V
Over range Alarm Button light flashes
Power Supply DC  5V,USB Supply
Power 0.85W
Dimension 14.5cm*6cm*2.7cm
Input cable length Approx 45cm
Output cable length Approx 90cm

Note* Specifications are liable to change. For the full list of Specifications, please see the products datasheet located under the ‘Documentation’ tab.

2 reviews for Micsig DP10013 100MHz, ±1300V, 50X / 500X High Voltage Differential Oscilloscope Probe

  1. jenesisjoules (verified owner)

    First test of the probe was looking at the output of one of our off grid inverters. Everything was still working but the probe immediately indicated the main cap had gone way out of tolerance. Probably last summers heat that finally killed it, hooked up our backup inverter and left the scope (Picoscope 2206A) running all day with persistence to monitor the replacement inverter. The probe has good resolution, low noise and I was able to identify when loads switched in and out as they showed up on the trace with minimal distortion of the sine wave. Really pleased with this differential probe, should have bought it years ago along with the Micsig current probe. The fact it comes in its own case and with good quality accessories should make this a no brainer for anyone using a scope on mains equipment. Telonic service and support has never disappointed.

  2. Mark A

    So far I’ve only tested it up to 20Mhz (Sine)
    Square waves up to 5Mhz also 240V mains.

    The probe shows no obvious signs of, additional distortion or noise.

    The the Clips and probe attachments are of good quality as are the leads them selves.

    I watched a you tube review of this probe (older version) and the probe was quite noisy.
    My probe is definitely not noisy.

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