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Alarms and related actions are part of the powerful alarm management system in MCPS. MCPS provides 8 independent alarm levels (H, L, DH, DL, ERR, OFL, UFL) for each channel. For each alarm level you can define up to 5 alarm actions such as messages for the online alarm window, digital outputs, messages sent by SMS or e-mail. Alarms have to be acknowledged by the user, a comment can be entered to describe the reason for the alarm. By clicking on the icon in the alarm window (see below) a document opens (e.g. PDF file). This document can contain detailed instructions for the user how to react to this specific alarm. In addition all alarms and acknowledgements are saved and provided in a historical alarm list, which can be exported or printed.

Some data loggers and recorders have their own alarm monitoring, which is often used side by side with MCPS using the same alarm limits. MCPS can update these settings in the device automatically, when the data acquisition is started or the alarm parameters of a MCPS channel are changed by the user.

In MCPS client/server systems the alarms can also be viewed and acknowledged on the client PC.


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