Lab Power Output Protection Diodes

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Freewheeling diode (FD)

Protects against negative induced voltages, which commonly occur during the operation of motors/inductors. The selected diode can permanently conduct the maximum output current of the source.

Decoupling diode serial (DDS)

Protection against unwanted overvoltage being fed back into the source, if the overvoltages do not exceed 150% of the maximum output voltage. The decoupling diode facilitates battery operation since with it relays don’t have to be used when connecting the source to a battery

Passive overvoltage protection (POP)

Voltage peaks are detected and intercepted by a suppressor diode.

Active overvoltage protection (AOP)

Longer lasting overvoltages can be eliminated by the internal electrical load.

*Please call Telonic Instruments to discuss which Diodes you require.