Lab-Power LAB-DC20-250/5 DC Power Supply 0-20V 0-250A 5kW

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The Lab-Power 19-Inch 2U Rack-Mountable Model LAB-DC 20-250/5 is a 0-20 Volt 0-250A 5kW CC,CV,CR and CP Industrial DC Power Supply.

These Power Supplies use soft switching technology insuring the highest standards in reliability, efficiency and output performance.
They are fitted with intuitive controls and a large graphical display indicating Voltage, Current, Power and Resistance.
User Selectable operation modes include VI (Voltage and Current control), VIR (Voltage, Current and Resistance), VIP (Voltage, Current and Power) and PVsim for Photo Voltaic Panel Simulation.
Features include: Front panel controls for voltage and current, over-voltage protection, over voltage and current Limit, adjustable output on rise time control for voltage and current, Isolated analogue, LAN and RS232 interface. Control software and Instrument drivers are also available.


  • High power density: Up to 5kW in a 2U package
  • Voltage 0-20 Vdc
  • Current range: 0-250 Adc
  • High efficiency operation: Up to 94%
  • Isolated user I/O circuitry
  • RS-232 interface standard
  • GPIB, USB optional
  • web-server
  • OVT, Vlimit and Ilimit protection


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