Kikusui SD032-PCR-WE Wavy for PCR-WE Sequence Creation Software

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Kikusui SD032-PCR-WE Wavy for PCR-WE Sequence Creation Software

Wavy is an application software that supports sequence creation and the operation for PCR-WE/WE2 series. Wavy allows you to create and edit sequences visually with a mouse without programming knowledge.

  • It makes you easier to create or edit the test condition file required for the sequence operation.
  • By using the storage function of test condition data file, it enables you to manage the test condition of the standard routine test.
  • The progress of execution sequence will be displayed on the “practical dialogue” with the setting value and the cursor.
  • It is possible to observe the intuitionistic output through by the “monitor graph” that plots the ongoing monitor value.
  • You can save the acquired monitor data as a test result.
  • Added the “waveform image” window. You can easily keep track of the AC signal.
  • Allows you to edit and create the new arbitrary waveform easily. You can instantly write then output the created arbitrary waveform.
  • Supports the status of description of sequence step for “selected” or “not selected”. It enables you to select depends on the requirement such as the “pausing function”, “trigger function”, or “AC waveform”.